Getting to Know the Neighbors

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Three weeks ago, they moved in. Since then, we’ve only exchanged waves.

Their second night here, I was gardening at dusk, and noticed their driveway overflowing. Guests walked in wearing various disguises: top hats, opera masks, sombreros…

The neighbors must be theatre enthusiasts.

But then commotion came seeping out from their foggy windows. It wasn’t the  laughing and screaming of typical parties. No, these noises made my cheeks match the tomatoes I was harvesting. I’ve since adjusted my gardening schedule, as these “parties” occur almost daily.

Though, this morning, I found a scuba helmet on my doorstep, a note attached.

“Come join us!”

*** Thanks for reading my post for this week’s Friday Fictioneers! I do hope you’ll visit other 100 word stories based on this photo prompt that are sure to excite, intrigue, and entertain!



59 thoughts on “Getting to Know the Neighbors

    • Thank you so much for reading and for providing the wonderful song! I tried to subtly imply that the neighbors were…getting friendly with one another. 😛 I never thought I’d write about an orgy, but I like to challenge myself to do something different every week! Thanks again!


      • Dear Adelie,

        You write wonderfully well. I wasn’t thinking about an orgy, I was more thinking about some sort occult sect. It leaves a lot to the imagination and that’s what I liked about it most. Thank you for visiting me. I hope to be reading more of you.

        Kindest of regards,



  1. I wish this was real, but I totally enjoyed the fiction!

    If I’m going to be honest…initially I thought it was, until I saw the Friday Fictioneer’s tag.
    So, ultimately – I was pretty sure you were telling us swingers moved in next store and make loud embarrassing noises while you attempt to garden (which I also thought was pretty early for Michigan, but I don’t judge anyone trying to beautify their yard).

    Ultimately, as you can tell…this made me smile.

    Good work. 🙂


    • Oh, Jen! Your commentary always makes me smile! I’m glad I was able to make this seem realistic. If it weren’t fiction, I’m not quite sure how I’d respond to my swinger neighbors! You’re right, those would have to be some seriously ambitious tomatoes to be growing this time of year! I hope it’s warming up for you in Wisconsin right now. It’s a little better here lately, but I heard that our upper peninsula has a winter storm warning. Hopefully you aren’t getting any of that! 😀


  2. I think those neighbors I’d only mix with during the day! 🙂 I like your title, since the neighbors and their friends were getting to know each other biblically, although I don’t know if you meant it that way.



    • I always love your feedback, Janet! Yes, those neighbors could certainly be…trouble! I never thought of the biblical application, but I appreciate you bringing it up, as it’s always nice to know the various ways my words can be interpreted. Thanks again! 😀


  3. I’m not sure about the helmet at any time other than diving. But I’m definitely sure about your writing. I love it. Or maybe it’s your imagination I love!


    • Thanks so very much for reading and for the lovely comment- it warms my heart! I very much love your writing AND photography as well! On a side note, you’ve made me reconsider the practicality of the helmet…not sure it would be very…accommodating in certain circumstances. 😀 Thanks, again!


    • Hmm I can’t say for sure whether she went or not. However, I’m sure that having a disguise increased the likelihood of her going. 🙂 Thanks for reading and for leaving the creative comment!


  4. Well-written story. Since the noises made her blush and she now gardens at a different time, I wouldn’t think she’ll be joining the party. A party like that might go terribly wrong. It would be a good hook for a longer story, perhaps a mystery.


    • That is true. Given her previous reactions to the party, it’s less likely that she’d willingly join in. Though, sometimes curiosity gets the best of us! I really appreciate the suggestion as a possible mystery, you always give me something new to ponder! Thanks for leaving such a thoughtful comment!


    • Indeed! Most of us don’t get to know our neighbors that well…I’m not sure whether or not she’s lucky to have such “friendly” people living beside her! Thanks so much for reading and for the delightful comment! 😀


    • Thank you so very much for reading and for leaving such a kind and encouraging comment. 😀 I really enjoy your writing, and I find your philosophy and outlook on life to be very inspiring! Plus, I’m a vegetarian and aspiring vegan, so I’m sure I can learn a lot from your writing as well! 🙂


  5. Another great Saturday post! I just love your short stories! Always leaves the reader wanting more and wanting to ask lots of questions. You’re very talented! I hope you keep writing loads and loads. I enjoy reading your work. 🙂


    • Oh goodness! What you must think of me now! Honestly, I wanted to write a story from the POV of a neighbor, but instead of writing a murder mystery, my mind unintentionally spun into the gutter a little. I’ll try to redeem myself this week. Thanks for the lovely comment! 😀


  6. Ha!ha!Loved this story with many “naughty” undercurrents Adelie 😀 Am sure the helmet and the note made her abandon her gardening and scurry for the safe indoors 😉


    • Thank you so very much, Sass, for the nomination! I was nominated a few days back, but I haven’t gotten around to writing my post! I promise I will though. I’m deeply touched that you thought of me. Best wishes!!!


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