Finding Your Flow

It’s day two of “Finding Your Flow”- an awesome meditation series, hosted by Oprah Deepak Chopra! It’s still not too late to join in on this wonderfully transformative (and free) experience!

Artfully Aspiring

My goodness, it’s been one heck of a week for me, so I’m behind in many posts I’ve planned. Regardless, I received an email this morning, and I just had to share the wonderful news with you.

Oprah and Deepak Chopra are presenting another free meditation event called, “Finding Your Flow.”

You might ask why I’m so excited about this. One year ago, I stumbled upon their first free meditation event called “Perfect Health.” It was honestly, life changing… Like three weeks of daily epiphanies!

And it’s free! I LOVE free!!!

Since then, they presented two more meditation programs: “Miraculous Relationships” and “Desire and Destiny.” So the deal is, it’s a three week event, in which they send you an inspirational article and a guided meditation every day. Each day has a new concept or theme. In addition, they have a journal with meditative prompts that help you connect even…

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2 thoughts on “Finding Your Flow

    • Thank you so, SO much for the nomination, scentofrina! I’m incredibly honored that you deemed me worthy of the award, as I’m a huge admirer of yours (but you already knew that)! I’ll be sure to write my response post, as soon as the whirlwinds in my life die down for a while! Thanks, again! 😀


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