Finding Your Flow




My goodness, it’s been one heck of a week for me, so I’m behind in many posts I’ve planned. Regardless, I received an email this morning, and I just had to share the wonderful news with you.

Oprah and Deepak Chopra are presenting another free meditation event called, “Finding Your Flow.”

You might ask why I’m so excited about this. One year ago, I stumbled upon their first free meditation event called “Perfect Health.” It was honestly, life changing… Like three weeks of daily epiphanies!

And it’s free! I LOVE free!!!

Since then, they presented two more meditation programs: “Miraculous Relationships” and “Desire and Destiny.” So the deal is, it’s a three week event, in which they send you an inspirational article and a guided meditation every day. Each day has a new concept or theme. In addition, they have a journal with meditative prompts that help you connect even deeper to the theme and purpose.

In case you’re skeptical, I want to assure you it is 100% free, no obligation to purchase anything. They don’t share your information with anyone either. Their meditations are for sale either CD or digital copy, but like I said, there’s no obligation. I honestly would purchase the meditations, but they’re not quite in my budget right now!

And no, I’m not getting any special perks or benefits for suggesting this. Though, maybe if enough of you convinced Oprah, we could work something out! 😛

I’m just so passionate about this because I’ve experienced, first hand, the profound benefits that come with meditation. Though when I meditate on my own, I have trouble focusing and finding meaning sometimes. I wholeheartedly believe everyone can benefit from this, both experienced meditators and newbies. Even if you don’t view yourself as a meditation-type person, just listening to the calming music and affirmations is a surefire stress reliever.

Ahhhh, I’m just so excited about this. It’s my belief that the more people are connected with and living from their true spirit, the better we can transform our world into a more peaceful and loving place.

I never urge people to do anything, but I’m strongly suggesting you to just try it!



18 thoughts on “Finding Your Flow

  1. Will you do updated posts on how it’s working out for you? I cannot focus for the life of me either – – I will be self-meditating (not medicating) and all it takes is a distant dog bark and I remember having to put mine to sleep as a child – – or the tinkle of an ice-cream truck driving by and I’m thinking fudgsicles vs. sandwiches? (what’s your opinion on that? 😉 I’m such a mess.


    • Oh goodness! I’m exactly the same!
      I must reassure you though, these guided meditations consist of music, centering thoughts, and affirmations. Thus, you connect your earbuds, and that’s all you hear! No barking dogs, screaming kids, or ice cream trucks to distract you!

      Or in my case, my husband playing “Battlefield” on his computer, all speakers cranked up. Trust me, there is no other option to escape the ceaseless racket of grenades, rocket launchers, and attack helicopters.

      I will definitely keep you updated. However, it would be awesome if you tried it out too so we could share our experiences! 🙂

      …and now I want a Choco Taco.


  2. I started yesterday. It’s been going well so far, though I have had to reign my thoughts in a few times. 🙂 I’ll get better at it though. I enjoy the calm and peace. I haven’t started writing in the journal yet. Have been so busy but I will. Enjoy!


  3. Okay, I have to honest with you…this week has not been kind to me & I haven’t even completed day one yet! Opinion time – do you think I should double up until I’m caught up, or should I just start with today? I am leaning towards doubling up.


    • I sincerely apologize for taking an absurd amount of time to get back with you! Like you, my week has been a hectic one! I just finally did Thursday’s meditation today. I’m not sue if you knew this, but the meditations are available for 5 days after their date, so doubling up may be beneficial. I mean, they’re relatively short. Sometimes I do one in the morning and one at lunch or in the evening. I think they’re kind of organized to build up and work together, so you might want to try to go back as far as you can. I hope this helped, and I hope your vehicle situation has improved. AND I hope you had a Happy Easter!


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