My Writing Process Blog Tour


Very seldom am I so absolutely happy that I have a permanent smile. Well friends, a week ago, my lovely blogging friend, Alienora, invited me to participate in a My Writing Process blog tour.

Kind of makes me feel like a rock star, going on tour and all. Would that make you my groupies? 😛

Anyway, before proceeding I want to express my gratitude to miss wonderful Alienora. Her writing is courageous, authentic, bold, and artful. She’s been tremendously supportive of me from the very beginning of my blogging journey and given me the inspiration to acknowledge my truth and share it on my blog. If you haven’t read anything from her yet, please do. You’ll find that there’s nothing quite like the writing of Alienora!

So, if you’ve ever been lying awake at night, your mind racing and perplexed as you wonder what writing process gives way to the sheer delight of Artfully Aspiring, look no further. If you’re having trouble sleeping due to other reasons, this may cure your insomnia as well. Though, be sure to awaken at the end where I nominate two other blogging rock stars!

*Note: My apologies for the loopy formatting going on here. No matter how many different ways I attempt to fix the indents and such, the darn alignment rebels. So now you see an extra aspect of my writing process: my love-hate relationship with technology. Not feeling the love right about now.

a.) What are you working on?

I’m currently editing and revising my first novel of a three-part science fiction romance series. I’ve found that this particular part of the writing process is significantly less fun than writing the first draft. It’s also hard to focus on polishing the first book when my mind is constantly swirling with ideas for my subsequent books. Luckily, I’ve been writing some new material on my blog to keep my creativity flowing.

b.) How does your work differ from others in its genre?

I would be lying if I said that I never worry if my writing will be too similar to another author’s and lack originality. I’m much better at noticing, and perhaps fabricating, my weaknesses than I am at recognizing my strengths. Luckily, I have such wonderful readers here that lift me up and give me the fuel to keep going. I suppose what makes my work different is that it’s more contemplative than many of the pieces in the genre. It might not be as action-packed, but I like to give greater depth to my characters. I also believe that my education in psychology and my experience with mental illness seeps into my work, adding a whole new dimension to things, whether it’s intentional or not.

c.) Why do you write what you do?

I seek not only to entertain my readers but to give them something more. I want my stories to stick with them, inspire them, and help make the world a more compassionate and peaceful place. While my target audience isn’t specifically young adult, I hope to contribute to the survival of literature. When I look at the youth, I worry that technology and other modes of entertainment are taking too much precedence.

d.) How does your writing process work?

Well, it lacks routine and discipline, which I know would greatly improve my productivity. Rather, my writing happens in unexpected spurts. Usually the inspiration strikes me when I’m driving home from work, though there have been times actually at work when I’ve written nearly half a chapter on post-it notes (which I don’t recommend because it can be quite a challenge to keep those organized). I go through cycles in which I fail to connect with my creativity because I’m too focused on my daily tasks. Though, I’ve found that getting out in nature and taking some quiet time can do wonders for getting back in the groove.

E.) Say who is on next week (up to three people you would tag), and provide a bio and link to their website). Their posts would go up May 21st.

I’m so excited to introduce my lovely friend Jen, from Properly Ridiculous. She’s a compassionate, authentic, and modest woman. Her writing is witty and hilarious, but also courageous in the fact that she addresses issues and shares her perceptions when most of us might not dare!

I’ve started, erased & repeated this bio more times than I care to share; with that being said, I’m going to just dive in and hope for the best. Properly Ridiculous was born back in February & I consider it to still be a work in progress- but I’ve accepted the idea that I may always feel that way. I have so many ideas that I’m eager to share. I write about what inspires me in the moment. Sometimes the goal matched with the sudden inspiration is laughter, while the next time I sit down to type the goal may be the opposite. A lot of my writings are opinion based thoughts and life experiences, however I’ve recently began challenging myself & have began exploring poetry and fiction. I reside in Wisconsin and share my house with my Husband & 7 year old son. Life is good.

The second blogger I’m excited to nominate is Andy from The Wandering Poet. While this is a Writing Process Blog Tour, I decided to mix thing up a little. Why should just writers get all the attention? Anyway, Andy is a multifaceted creative genius whose posts always bring light to my day. His blog is always filled with gorgeous photography and ceaseless positivity.

I have a passion for photography. Though, because I can’t afford a professional grade camera, I often use my cell phone or a point and shoot to capture nature, especially flowers in the spring and summer. There’s so much beauty out there and I don’t want to miss any of it.

And last, but certainly not least, is my lovely blogging friend, Chatti Natti. I’m always astounded by her profound talent and versatility with her poems. She has a unique view of the world, and shares the beauty she sees in everything. Natti is a beacon of positivity in the blogging world, and I strongly suggest you give her fabulous poetry a read.

Originally from Antigua in the Caribbean, Chatti Natti is an avid reader and has been writing since she was around seven or eight years old.She was introduced to the world of literature and poetry at a young age and loves getting lost in a good story or seduced by the lyrics of a poem.A journalist by training, words are a natural part of her life. She recently decided to share her love of writing with a wider audience through her blog. It is her desire to publish a series of children’s books, a novel and two books of poetry in the near future. Chatti Natti currently resides in Belfast, Northern Ireland with her husband where she continues to work towards her literary pursuits.

Thank you so much for reading about my writing process. I hope it was, at least, somewhat entertaining. Also, be sure to check out Jen, Andy, and Natti’s most magnificent blogs!!!

With gratitude (and slight frustration with my computer, or whoever is causing these format shenanigans),











My Lifeline

This week’s writing challenge focuses on “Writerly Reflections.” Being that my last post was rather gargantuan, I’m attempting to keep this one brief.

A significant moment in my journey as a writer occurred in my senior year A.P. English class. I was assigned to write a descriptive story, three pages of length that involved all of the senses (smell, sight, touch, sound, and taste). This was the first assigned paper where I felt completely free to express myself, unrestrained by specific guidelines. This story was “Trixie Creek,” a narrative about a girl’s dog being shot in the woods and her fight to save its life. Long story short, the poor dog died but in a very dignified and beautiful way.

When I read it aloud in class, several of my classmates actually cried. In a completely non-sadistic way, I felt empowered that my writing could have such an impact. Throughout the day, other peers who weren’t in that class came up to me, wanting to read my story. I was in utter disbelief that people would actually ask to read my writing. The icing on the cake that day was when my English teacher, a very intelligent and intimidating woman, pulled me aside in the hallway.

This is book-worthy. You should really consider writing a book.”

With that, she left.

Since then, her words have echoed in my mind. The thing is, I know she didn’t say it to make me feel warm and fuzzy. She definitely had her favorites, and undoubtedly, I wasn’t one of them.

Several years later, I had a severe manic episode that nearly destroyed every part of my life. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I just sat down one day and started writing. What started as a method of coping quickly turned in to a story that wasn’t about me whatsoever. Whenever I wasn’t sleeping or working, I was writing. I had no idea where it was going, but I knew I couldn’t stop. As my health improved, the story unfolded more beautifully.

I’m still fascinated by the twists and somersaults my story has taken while transforming into something completely different than I had once imagined. Throughout this process, I’ve discovered that inspiration often comes at the least expected moments. I’ve learned that I can’t push or force myself to develop the story, and to never judge or reject the concepts that come from my soul. It is when I write that I am most alive and connected with my spirit.

Nearly one year ago, I wrote the last sentence of my first book. (I won’t say I “completed” it because I’m certainly nowhere close to being finished with it). Since then, I’ve been reluctant to take further steps in developing my book. One reason being that I’ve felt completely lost and intimidated by the process of editing, revising, marketing, publishing, etc. Though it has taken some intensive soul-searching, I’ve realized the main force holding myself back is the fear of rejection. I’ve read failure stories left and right, and I don’t have the egotism to delude myself into thinking I’m an exception to the norm.

While perusing several writing resources, I read that one of the best platforms for aspiring authors is blogging. I resisted this on the basis that there was no possibility anyone would care to read my about my thoughts, goals, and passions. However, it is my dream to change the world with my writing, and knowing that my book was far from seeing the world, I reconsidered the prospect of blogging, as it could potentially be a more immediate way to make a difference.

Then I thought, “How can I create a blog that will actually bring value to my readers?”

I sincerely believe that we all have something to teach one another. Being that I’ve read numerous self-help books on achievement, motivation, and inspiration, I reasoned that I would have at least some content that might benefit my readers. Another aspect of my intention was to promote a connection with readers, in which we were able to empower each other.

After blogging for just over one month, I’ve already met such remarkable people and found several resources to further develop my skills as a writer. I’ve gained so much support and encouragement from people whom I deeply admire, and I strive to return all they have blessed me with. To be accepted and supported unconditionally restores my faith in humanity. Where I live, my outlook on life is considered unrealistic and a waste of time. Though, I’ve met such amazing people here that prove to me that anything is possible. I love you all.

With gratitude and respect,