copyright – Adam Ickes

In pursuit of further developing my skills as a writer, I’ve decided to participate in a lovely Friday Fictioneers prompt, hosted by the wonderful Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The process of cutting a single story down to 100 words (or 105, in my case) was certainly a challenge, being that I tend to over-explain things. The key to these prompts is to make every word count. On that note, here is how the prompt manifested in my thoughts.


It’s time you give back.”

Her words ring in my mind, as I hammer my finger into the wood. You’d think after three weeks of clearing a river, forging trails, and constructing this godforsaken bridge, I would’ve achieved catharsis by this point.

Securing the last nail in the railing, all I’ve got to show are swollen fingers and sunburned skin.

Absolutely magnificent,” my team leader rejoices, prancing through the nature preserve.

Pocketing the remaining nails, I head toward the woods. A breeze begs me to turn around.

No one will ever know it took my mom’s last breath for me to create something so beautiful.


Well, this was my first shot at Friday Fictioneers. I encourage anyone who hasn’t participated at least once to give it a whirl.  For more inspiration, take a look at the other contributions. Thanks for reading!

Sincerely Grateful,