Premiere Steamy Saturday: Quenching the Forbidden Thirst

© Copyright 2014 ProPhotoNut

Happy Friday to you! For a few weeks, I’ve been tossing the idea of submitting some of my more sensual work here. I’ve found that pushing my limits has helped me better develop my skill, so now I’m venturing beyond my comfort zone. I’m not going to lie, writing in this genre tends to be a little more fun than the typical dark stories that come through my writing. Thus, when the inspiration strikes, I mustn’t miss out! I like the idea of starting the weekend on a more lively note, so I intend on incorporating Steamy Saturday as a weekly contribution of mine. I do hope you enjoy:


My hands tremble as they slide down his stomach. The tension grows as we fight our bodies’ impulses to savagely devour each other. Until now, our illicit hunger lay dormant. Occasionally there were subtle insinuations, the quick passing of his tongue between his lips or a lingering gaze, but that was the extent of our surfacing desire.
His lips slide down the side of my neck, his sultry breath caressing my skin. As his fiery eyes arrest mine, he sweeps me up, locking our hips together before submerging into the blankets beneath us.
I’ve seen this all before. The mischievous smirk as he unbuttons my blouse, the unclouded moonlight that illuminates every crevice of his sculpted chest. Finally though, my yearning has manifested. I hold my breath as he gazes at me bare, unconfined.

These visions came to me at the most inconvenient times. Those quick glances across the market, when he’d effortlessly balance over-packed crates on both of his shoulders. Or when I’d be escorted down the street in the most luxurious car. While others stared at me with jealousy and disapproval, his eyes held no judgment, only an understanding that this wasn’t the life I’d chosen.
The second I pulled the trigger, abandoning the life my father chose for me and the suitor that feigned loyalty, Blake was there for me. Waiting for me, as I’d prayed he would be all along. No explanation needed. As soon as I knocked on his door, he grabbed a horse, and we fled. Thirteen miles from town, we settled into a sanctuary, what my family would refer to as a deplorable shack. Though residence is temporary, it buys us time to surrender to what we’ve only dreamt about.

My fingers unfasten his belt, as they’ve done in every fantasy before. Yet, before I continue, he brings his lips to mine. In this moment, words are rendered useless. Nothing better expresses our persevering love than the fervid shadows cast as our bodies indulge one another.