Get back here, Anna!”


I run even faster, stumbling every few steps on my mangled foot.


When Jeremy brought me to the condemned insane asylum, I thought the only one thirsting for my blood might be a vengeful spirit.

Not him.


A side hallway.


Praying it’s an exit to this horrid labyrinth, I make a hasty turn, slamming into the wall.


His raspy panting and tormenting footsteps are drawing closer.


An oily puddle.


I slip.


He laughs in delight. His musty breath on my neck.


The end of the hall now.


My only exit.



A locked gate.




***This is my submission for this week’s Friday Fictioneers. Only 97 words this time, which is a significant improvement from my word count last week! Please take a look at the other posts from fellow writers! Thanks for reading!