Washed Away


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Blankets of tears slam against the window,


Alabaster clouds weep for me.


No barrier between man and nature,


We’re the same suffering being.



The sun shimmers behind brooding captors,


pleading for a softening smile.


I turn away, clutching a silver blade,


thunder argues in denial.



With a deafening crash and blinding flash,


my heart floods with devastation.


No remedy for this violent storm,


embracing my only option.



A bolt of lightning, I rush out the door,


Slick grass dragging me to my knees.


White dress clinging, a body done breathing,


pain streams into rivers and seas.



En Gedi

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Happy Friday to you! I’m so excited to finally publish this lyrical poem. Over a month ago, I was challenged by a fellow Friday Fictioneer, Kent Bonham, to write a poem, based on a love story that took place at the oasis, called En Gedi. Furthermore, Kent sent me a link to a song titled “En Gedi,” whose tune I had to match with my lyrics. First off, I was (and still am) sincerely honored that Kent thought I had enough potential and skill to pull this off. It meant the world to me to be taken seriously as a writer and to be challenged to further develop my skills. However, with this honor, there was a significant amount of stress. First off, I didn’t want to disappoint Kent and humiliate myself with subpar writing. Secondly, if you’ve read my “Please Forgive Me” posts, you’ll know that May was one hell of a month for trauma and stress, so even after it all settled down, it took me some time to clear my head and get back in the game. They say, “Better late than never,” right?
So I really do hope you give this a read, and your feedback is always appreciated.
***But wait, there’s more! I’ve included the link for you to actually download the song from which this was inspired. So I strongly urge you to listen along with the poem, so you can get the full experience! 🙂

En Gedi

En Gedi
Once I saw your emerald eyes across the way,
What I knew as life had dulled beneath your shine.
Your melody made it impossible,
To leave this world without your hand in mine.

And when you spoke, each sacred word I cherished,
Fearing someday that’s all I’d have of you.
For En Gedi was all that would endure,
After hearts drowned in dead seas of blue.

En Gedi, En Gedi, an oasis of eternal love.
En Gedi En Gedi, where my angel graced before she rose above.

En Gedi, En Gedi, had I known what the waters foretold,
I would give my life for her to blossom old.
I would give my life for her to blossom old.

Days are long and bereft of any purpose.
All that remains are the dark tides of regret.
Footprints of your life, stolen by time’s greed.
Your pure essence, I refuse to forget.

The ocean holds all the tears I’ve shed for you,
And En Gedi weeps for you as well.
There’s slight comfort, knowing you’re in heaven.
My despair has nearly damned me straight to hell.

En Gedi, En Gedi, it gave life to us, then seized it back.
En Gedi, En Gedi, it drained color from my heart and turned it black.

En Gedi, En Gedi, had I known what the waters foretold,
My love would still be mine to have and to hold.
My love would still be mine to have and to hold.

Thank you so much for reading this, and I really hope it wasn’t too much of a disaster, being that I’m a poetry novice. It’s ridiculous how many times I’ve rewritten this, completely from scratch, before I came up with something I was finally satisfied with.
A special thanks to Kent, for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to better recognize my strengths and weaknesses. I apologize that my personal issues and perfectionism led to a bit of procrastination, and I hope I didn’t stray too far from the original story. This is just where the multiple attempts led me- What a journey this has been!

My deepest gratitude,


For You, I Wait

I remember that day, when they took you away, but you promised to always return,

You said, “Light this candle, bear what you can handle, I’ll be back before its last burn.”

Layers of soot cover every square foot of the walls that witnessed our passion,

The flame fell weaker, hopes dimmed bleaker, and memories of you turned ashen.

Unwilling to settle, I replaced its pedestal, and gave all suitors my refusal,

Wax bled to the floor, survived both World Wars, but we smolder to dust at your funeral.

I‘m so grateful that you took the time to read my piece for this week’s Friday Fictioneers, hosted by the radiant Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. With ninety-one words, I felt the best way to tell this story was through poetry. I truly hope you enjoyed my piece, as I warily crept beyond my comfort zone to write it. If you find the time, give the other fictioneers a good read. You’d be amazed at the variety of stories that branch from each prompt!




Maybe in June


This week’s writing challenge is hosted by Vincent Mars, who challenges us to write a story of only 50 words in length. Weeks ago I might have thought this impossible, but Friday Fictioneers has helped me tremendously in cutting out excess words. I’ve never posted poetry here before, so I thought I’d take this opportunity. I’m sure what I’ve written violates all the rules of poetry, but I’m not aiming to become a professional in any sense. I’ve mostly posted fiction so far, but today I decided to express some feelings that have been bouncing around in my heart for some time.

I imagined years from now, we’d still be living the magic of life.

Waking with smiles, kissing in the rain, and dancing in candlelight.

Already jaded, the music’s gone, though I still listen for a tune.

You don’t seem to notice, or even care, but maybe you will in June.

Thanks for reading,