My Failed Attempt at a Brief Award Post

Alright, so I feel like a very bad blogger. I was nominated by the wonderful Scent of Rina for the Liebster Award in Mid April, then by WhatSassSays a few days later, by Kevil a few days after that, and then by Splendid Empress in Mid May. First of all, I’m tremendously grateful that these lovely bloggers thought to nominate me. Though, with the chaos of my life recently, I’ve struggled to find the time to adequately express my gratitude.

Scent of Rina, I’ve been a follower nearly from the time I first started my blog. Your poetry is very reflective and has great depth, beyond words. There’s nothing but truth to your writing, which makes it irresistible and very intense! I sincerely admire your courage and talent.

WhatSassSays, your blog is where I travel when I’m on the quest to reconnect with my feminine side. You have this tremendous energy and charisma that flows from your writing, and you have wonderful aspirations. I see several similarities between us both, and I always look forward to seeing what goals you achieve next. I regret taking my college years too seriously, so it’s nice to live vicariously through your adventures!

Andrea and Kevil (Michelle) at Pretend to be Nice, I think it’s AWESOME that you two have collaborated to create such a fascinating blog. Your writing is full of wisdom, whimsy, and wit. Although I’m a very new follower of yours, I’ve already found so much joy in your pieces.

Splendid Empress,Though I’m a very new follower of yours, I’ve already found much entertainment in your writing, both fiction and nonfiction. Your voice is authentic and entrancing, and I’m in awe at how easily you can transport me into different worlds!

So, here are the rules of the Liebster Award. The recipient must:

-provide a link back to the blogger(s) who nominated them

-share 11 facts about yourself

-answer 11 questions from the blogger(s) who nominated you

-nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 questions of your own

Whew, so along with my life pulling me in twenty different directions at once, you can see why I was slightly overwhelmed to tackle this thing. Being that I’ve been nominated by four blogs, I won’t bore you with 44 facts about myself and 44 questions. First of all, I know you have better things to do with your time than read my life story. Secondly, I’m not that interesting of a person, and if by some chance I happened to be that riveting, I would save all of that captivating info for an autobiography. So, I shall share eleven facts about myself, but as for the 11 questions, I’m going to pick and choose from all of the questions my fellow bloggers sent me. Is that cheating? I hope not!

So, on to the 11 facts about myself…If any of you have read my Acceptance of the Versatile Blogger Award, you’ll find that my deepest, darkest secrets can be rather dark indeed. My intention is to keep this list light and less intense. However, since I took so long to write this post, I want to give you some high quality stuff here. So, let’s see where this goes!


  1. I have a tattoo. I was (and still kind of am) a “good girl.” Let me clarify, I was a band geek, a book nerd, and am a rather quiet introvert. So, I never thought I’d be the “type” to get a tattoo. However, for my 1st wedding anniversary, I decided to show my eternal love for my husband by getting a tattoo with our wedding flower, the stargazer lily on it. Lilies are very symbolic, and their meanings range from devotion and wealth to romance and purity. Personally, I chose this tattoo to express my devotion to my husband and our companionship. I did a tattoo taboo and had his name tattooed on me as well, though we found a way to make it blend in rather artfully. My intention is to have our future children’s names tattooed along side as additional flowers or leaves. That being said, I need to forget how terribly that needle hurt before I can have their names carved into me. Then again, after childbirth, it’ll probably be a walk in the park. 🙂

  2.  I scare quite easily. My husband and coworkers find it amazingly entertaining to pop out at me and stuff. The worst part, I don’t let out a cute little girl scream. No, when I’m scared, I mean business. I yell expletives in a voice lower than the average range of the female voice and I move in a way that is best described as interpretive karate. It’s not a pretty sight, and it has proven quite dangerous for any bystanders within the range of my flailing arms.

  3. I have a terrible habit of picking my nails. I’ve had this ever since I can remember. It’s not just anxiety symptom either. I do it whenever I’m watching anything on screen. I’ve tried several things to kick this habit but no luck yet.

  4. I was assaulted by Ramen Noodles. When I was thirteen, I made a pot of them, and instead of pouring them into a bowl and draining the boiling liquid, I just decided to eat it right out of the pot… in a rocking chair…wearing *only*skimpy underwear. In my defense, it was a scorching day and my house didn’t have air conditioning. So I wore underwear or swimsuits basically 24/7. Anyway, you see where this is going….The pot completely tipped over into my bare lap. I can’t explain the pain (much worse than the tattoo) and then the horrifying sight of watching my skin bubble and fall off,<-unfortunately, this is not an exaggeration. To make matters worse, at the hospital, my nurses and doctors were all male. So, being a thirteen year old girl with a crotch covered in second degree burns and men looking at the area and talking about it was a humiliating cherry on top of the experience.

  5. I was in a child modeling agency for a VERY brief time in my life. I recorded a commercial for Boo Berry cereal, but the thing never aired. Modeling wasn’t the life for me. I remember them instructing us how to open and close doors (I kid you not, there was a step-by-step process) and how to sit and stand and such. Good things to know, I suppose, but it was all too artificial to me. The final straw was when they told me, “Your finger nails aren’t tools.” ← I don’t have a degree in biology(changed 2 years into it), but I’m pretty sure that’s the entire purpose of homosapiens having nails….Yeah, not the life for me.

  6. On a related note, I’m too short to be a model. Tuns out I stopped growing (height-wise) when I hit high school. Since then, I’ve been an intimidating 5’2.” Sure, I still have to climb on counters to get things from the top cupboards, but I have no complaints. Except, that people tend to think I’m still in high school. Thus, I’ve been treated as naïve and ignorant…Kind of like a kid in the workplace.

  7. In my second semester of college, my favorite professor died *literally* right in front of me. His name was Dr. Matthew Hilton-Watson and was an amazingly inspiring man and only 41 years old. They never determined what the cause was. Here’s where the story gets even creepier. That day, we were finishing a lecture on Emile Zola’s L’œuvre (The Masterpiece). At the end of that novel, basically, every character dies. So when Dr. Matt began the lecture, he said something to the tune of “Ok, today everyone’s going into the ground.” Later on, he was talking about how you never know when “yourtime,” will come. He explained how nothing is guaranteed, and even if you’re the healthiest person, you could get hit by a bus and be gone the next second. In the middle of the lecture, Dr. Matt stoped speaking before falling to the floor and convulsing. Being the nerd I am, I always sat front row, dead center. So….it happened directly in front of me. It was a highly traumatic and devasting experience, as all of us tried to figure out what the hell to do. Some tried to steady him while others called the ambulance and campus safety. I was stunned, and even though I called for an ambulance, I still to this day wish and wonder if I could’ve done something else. From that, I was diagnosed with PTSD, but I’ve since worked through it. Nonetheless, it’s a memory that never fades.

  8.           I broke my left humerus (by flying off the side of a curly slide) the day before my eleventh birthday. It was a clean break, so I only needed an immobilizer, as opposed to a cast. To this day, whenever I’m standing or walking, I uncosciously carry my hand still like it was in the immobilizer. In other words, I look like half of a T-rex, whenever I’m doing somethng that doesn’t require the use of my left hand.                            

  9. I’m incredibly awkward with children, or at least I feel that way. For instance, when I was sitting at the Secretary of State today (DMV), there was this adorable girl (I’m guessing she was two or three). She kept walking over to me, pointing and smiling. I wanted so bad to hug her and have a nice discussion, but I didn’t know what the heck to say. I started telling her about Liebster Award and trying to get her input on my 11 facts, but she laughed and walked away. Warning to parents: Don’t let your kids talk to me. This awkwardness might be contagious.

  10. I’m a vegetarian (and mostly vegan). Whenever people ask me why, I simply tell them that my choices come from my passion for animal welfare. I leave it at that, unless any more is asked. Maybe it’s weird that I’m so passionate about this, but I never preach it to people and look down on them because they choose to do something different. Yes, it would be amazing if everyone decided to use other food sources that are kinder to our planet and the creatures on it; however, it’s not my place to press or guilt someone into viewing the world I do. I’ve had several people try and provoke me as to why my choice is wrong, but I simply smile and let them speak their piece. I believe that if more people stood up for these unpopular beliefs, the world would be a better place. However, I don’t feel the right to condemn others for their choices. I’d much rather inspire others to make more compassionate choices by setting a positive example and providing support.

  11. My favorite sound in the world is that of the Sandhill Crane. When I lived in a more rural part of Michigan, I would always hear them flying overhead. Somehow, their call just makes me feel so peaceful. I wish I heard it more where I live now!

Whew, are you still with me? Good! So now I’m supposed to answer 11 questions from my nominators. I’ll do my best to keep these short, at the risk of appearing blunt!

  1. 1. What are the subjects you could never write about? Though I strive to write among a wide variety of genres, Iwould never want to write (in depth) about history. I never enjoyed the subject in school, and I might sound ignorant, but I’m extremely skeptical about what I read in history books. The thing is, some people can’t keep stories straight from the day before. Everyone remembers events differently, and who’s to say that someone didn’t alter the “facts” due to personal or political reasons. I know, I’m a downer. 😦

    2. If you could go to dinner with a famous person, who would it be? Well, could I just host a huge luncheon and invite a heap of famous people? There are so many people (famous and non) whose brains I’d love to pick and company I’d love to enjoy. However, Elen Degeneres would be one of my first because I admire her humility, humor, and generosity. I can’t imagine a dinner with her being anything short of entertaining and inspiring.

    3. What is one quirk that very few people know about you? I’m a chronically suggestible yawner. When someone (even animals) yawns in real life, on screen, or even if I read about or think about yawning, I honestly cannot not yawn. It’s terrible, embarassing, and dangerous when people find out because they find it amusing. I kid you not, I’ve yawned so much simultaneously that I’ve thrown up, on several ocassions. Maybe I should get this checked out? If you’re wondering, I was yawning throught this entire paragraph, and I will again when I have to edit it. Now, on to a different topic! Oh, there I go again…

    4.What is your favorite time of year? Easy, Fall. Apple cider, crunching leaves, and pumpkin everything- What’s not to love? Darn it, I’m yawning again!

    5.Do you believe in ghosts? I believe in spirits moreso than the common concept of ghosts. I swear on my life I looked out a window one night and saw a ghost- He was a middle-aged man in a track uniform with a racing bib, and he was getting ready to longjump into my window. It was terrifying. Though, I’ll chalk that up to being young, imaginitive child and say that I do believe our spirits or energies can reside on this planet. I’m not sure if they ever show up in the form of Casper though.

    6. What was your favorite Television show as a child? Sailor Moon. You can read more about my childhood obsession here.

    7. What would your dream job be? It would be an eclectic lifestyle. I’d love to be able to express myself creatively through writing and performance, but I also want to pursue global philanthropic efforst as well. Not to mention, I have a strong entrepreneural drive. I’m still figuring out how to balance all of those desires into a sustainable “career!”

    8.What advice would you give to the younger you? I would tell my younger self to stop worrying about what everyone thinks, to pursue my deepest passions instead of trying to please others. Also, I would insist that I need to love myself instead of searching for other people to love me.

    9. The world would be a better place if_________________? We gave up the need to be “right,” and we respected everyone’s differences. Also, if we could put ourselves in eachothers’ shoes (and paws) and realized that everyone deserves health and happiness.

    10.Do you believe in second chances? Absolutely. I believe it’s never too late. If it weren’t for second chances, I wouldn’t be married to such an incredible man. Life is about learning. Sometimes we don’t always get it “right” on the first shot.

    11.What is your day to day inspiration? The promise of what could be. I imagine how, if I put forth enough effort and dedication, I can give back to all of those who’ve helped me and make a positive difference in our world. I know that if I just float along life where I am, I’ll be sacrificing the chance to express my gratitude. One of the most powerful quotes I’ve found is, “Don’t die with your music still in you.”- Dr. Wayne Dyer.

My Questions:

1. What is one thing you have been meaning to do but haven’t seemed to find the time yet?

2. Are you more motivated by fear or hope?

3. If you could invent an ice cream flavor, what would it be?

4. What is the one word you would love people to use when they describe you?

5. Who do you most look up to and why?

6. If you could master one dance style, what would it be?

7. If you were a super hero, what would your name be?

8. What is one thing you’ll regret never doing?

9. What’s one word you always second-guess yourself when spelling it out?

10. What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said about you?

11. Fill in the blank: In a perfect world, ____________ would be everywhere.

Alright, so now I’m supposed to nominate 11 bloggers for the Liebster. Because this award seems to have gone mainstream, and I’ve taken a ridiculous amount of time to publish this post, I can’t guarantee that these bloggers havent already been nominated. Regardless, here are just eleven of the wonderfully talented blogers I follow, in no particular order:

****And, if you didn’t happen to pop up on this list, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t LOVE to learn more about you and read your answers to my questions. Thus, I might be breaking the rules here, but it’s my darn blog so….I nominate EVERYONE for the Liebster award.

X ALL THE THINGS - Nominate all the bloggers!

*(My first meme ever generated)

Properly Ridiculous



The Wadering Poet

From Paradise to Eden

Hostess At Heart

Ripples of Truth

U Be Cute

A Cup of Noodle Soup

Words from Wellie

Diary of an Optimist

Whew. Did you make it? If so, I send my deepest gratitude for finishing this marathon of a post with me. And I would absolutely love to read a gargantuan post of yours filled with such juicy details!


23 thoughts on “My Failed Attempt at a Brief Award Post

  1. Thanks for such a nice compliment! As long as you get it done does it really matter when? (only when you’re a graduating senior and tomorrow is the last day of school an we only have a half day…I have 3 of those in my class right now…) I can’t wait to check out your noms!


    • lol, I got a good laugh out of that comment! Even though I’ve graduated years ago, I still feel the looming stress of deadlines- even if they don’t necessarily exist! Thanks so much for the nomination and for reading!


  2. It is nice to know a little more about you. This is quite interesting. I feel honoured to have been nominated. Thank you! 🙂 I hope I will get to complete mine soon.


    • Thank you so much for reading and leaving such a wonderful response. I was absolutely delighted to nominate you, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. However, don’t feel pressured to get right to posting it, I know it can be a rather lengthy and daunting post. 😀 Have fun, and I’m patiently awaiting your response!


  3. I so agree with Wellie 🙂 It is nice to know a little more about you Adelie! I like how you link past blogs into your story. You were so upfront and honest – I love the bits of humor you weave in. I want to thank you so much for nominating me. I look forward to accomplishing mine.


    • Thank you so much for reading this, Kathie! I’m surprised you’re still awake to leave such a wonderful comment! 😀 I’ve found it nearly impossible not to be an open book. I believe honesty opens many more doors than withholding, even though it creates a whole new vulnerability. It means the world to me that you’ve supported and accepted me through this journey, and I absolutely can’t wait to read your post! I hope your day is filled with love and laughter! If not, let me know. I might be able to change that!!!


    • Hah! Thanks so much for reading this monstrosity of a post, and I send my deepest sympathy for the hot tea burns. Yes, I learned the hard way that when eating hot food, it’s most often a great idea to be wearing pants. 🙂


  4. Thanks for accepting the award and all of the work that comes with it! Your 11 things about you and answers to our questions were wonderfully full of life and gave a lot of insight into your personality. Very interesting to read!


    • I’m truly touched that you nominated me, and I apologize that it took so long for me to publish the thing! I’m also very grateful you took the time to read all of this, Splendid Empress! 😀


  5. I heart you. Seriously.
    The only thing I dislike about this post is the title! Blogging can’t be failed at, silly…we’ve gone over this. No failed attempts. 🙂
    Lecture, over.
    I can’t wait to check out all the blogs listed in this post – I need to take a day to really dive into more people blogs!
    Your story behind your tattoo is beautiful – really. Ken’s a lucky guy! It’s creative and meaningful – which are two things that my one tattoo I have are not! (Black shooting star on my back/shoulder – 18th birthday…ya know how that goes).
    I feel your pain lady regarding the jumpiness. I actually thought my heart stopped beating a few weeks back when the hubs scared me (favorite past time of his and the kiddo) – I started to cry…Ha. My boss has since found out that I scare easily – and my back faces the entrance to my office door….soooo…that’s a daily occurrence as well. There has to be some medications for this condition – I’m going to look into it and I’ll keep you posted.
    Your 13 year old Ramen escapade – I have to assume you were never the same after that & you always let your food cool down! Holy crap, man. That’s intense! (Totally not as intense as the professor deal though – that’s beyond intense. I can’t even being to imagine what that would be like.)
    There are so many other things in this post that I want to single out and talk about…but ultimately after reading this – I am confident that you are the epitome of someone who is a product of their experiences. It’s probably safe to say that you wouldn’t be who you are today without everything that once (and may still) seem very trying.
    I think you’re a spectacular, inspiring person!
    (This time I wrote YOU the novel!)
    PS…Thanks for the nomination 🙂
    PPS…Have you read the book Skinny Bitch? I read it when I attempted to be a vegetarian a while back. I could do it – if my husband was not mostly a carnivore. I do not prefer meat – mostly cause I don’t like sketchy chewy pieces ruining my meal – but I am all for animal right, also! 🙂


    • First off, thank you so much for the lovely novel. I was really looking for a relaxing, Sunday evening read, and this did not disappoint! 😀
      You know I absolutely love your responses. I feel like you’re actually here talking to me! Don’t diss the black shooting star on your b-day. What matters is that it means something to you and you like it. Man, I’ve seen some doozies though, regarding poorly thought-out tats. Quite entertaining to look at though!
      Oh, I’m sorry your hubs scared you to the point of crying- that must’ve been quite a scare 😦 I usually respond violently for a couple of seconds and then bust out laughing. My deepest sympathy for your boss knowing your little secret- yet another reason why you need a mirror instead of using the reflection on the picture frame! 😀
      Word got out about my scareability at work, and I’ve ended up with a fake rat in my desk and an air horn taped underneath my chair. Surprisingly, these weren’t as successful as the basic pop-out-and-say-“boo” method.
      I read “Skinny Bitch” a few years back, and I think that’s honestly where my desire for vegetarian started. It took a long time before I was fully able to commit to being vegetarian- mostly because I was the only one in my family and friends, and I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone. Like you, I’ve never really enjoyed meat to begin with. However, I did love summer sausage and salami back in the day, but I don’t miss them enough to go back. On July 5th will be my first full year of being strictly vegetarian. Ken is a major carnivore as well, but I think over time, he’ll see the light 😉 (He ate my grilled tofu yesterday)
      Back to the book though, I was amazed by how it brought light to controversy behind organic and USDA standards. Based on the title, I thought it’d be a less-than-respectable book, but there was some serious and eye-opening research behind it. Ugh, makes you wonder what’s in food anymore.
      Thank you so much for reading, Jen, and for always giving me way more credit than I deserve and sharing your wonderful take on it all! I hope you enjoyed my novel of a response back to you. 🙂
      And I heart you too, but you already knew that, of course! ❤


  6. Your Ramen story made me shudder! Ouchies, yo. And your teacher dying right in front of you…I can’t even imagine how I’d react to that. Damn…

    I totally get you on the scaring easy part. I walked into a room where my friends were once, and one of them jumped out at me, screeching. He ended up on the receiving end of a swift kick to the shin. I was only slightly sorry, haha. I’ve also broken my arm before, but when I was much younger. (It wasn’t a clean break though. I fell off my high chair at age three and snapped my right elbow. I had to have surgery to fix it, metal pins and all. It’s perfectly fine now, so woot!)

    Oh, and I totally yawned when you were talking about yawning, and as I’m writing this very sentence I just yawned. Yawning until throwing up is an entirely new concept, but now I’m scared to be around yawning people (I just yawned again, I’m dead serious).

    Loved this post. And many congrats on your nomination and win!!


    • Hala J.! Your comment brought life (and an unwelcomed amount of yawns) to my evening! I feel so terribly bad for three-year-old you 😦 That must’ve been a very traumatic experience, especially with needing surgery. I’m really glad you’re fully recovered now. That’s the good thing about young bodies, they heal quite quickly. Those were the days… 😛
      Lol, reading about how scared you get makes me think that it could be a very dangerous situation if we were in a room together and some unlucky person decided to scare us. I think we’d be a whole new league of assassins!
      I really wish you wouldn’t have written that paragraph about yawning. I’m slightly mad at you now. I just…cant…stop….yawning!

      😀 Thank you so much for always writing such delightfulness (aside from the yawning references).


  7. Hello angel! My late reply is down to life-disasters, which I know you understand. But, I am relatively recovered so here’s what I want to say (and I’ll reply to your other comments separately) 🙂 In this instance, honesty is the best policy, so here goes (don’t hate me!).. I am utterly touched and was incredibly happy that you chose me too for the Liebster Award.

    However much I would Love to stick that award on my site – who wouldn’t? – the problem is that my blog is so story-telling and writing orientated that my readers wouldn’t want to read my content that go with the rules: I feel like such a mean mare, I really do and I am so sorry to do this. But I’d rather be honest with you than do the disservice of accepting it and not carrying out the stipulations, it wouldn’t be blog-etiquette and most of all, fair to you and everyone.

    You’re an utter sweetheart and I’m delighted you did this for me and I have already said a silent ‘Thank You’ in my heart: I just cannot accept it while being unable to follow all of it through. I’m sorry – to myself too! 😉 But, I appreciate it and know in my heart I have won an award which I Thank You for! ❤

    I hope you are okay: And I had to smile at your consecutive influx of award nominations – but it shows just how much you and your blog is loved, by myself included in the bunch 🙂 I don't know how to end… I guess with a lousy apology and a big, grateful Thank You 🙂 I hope your okay with this. Much love as always, Victoria 🙂 ❤


    • Hey, Thank You so, so much.. I’ve left a reply on your site forgetting even to congratulate you – I’ve posted the reply’s in the wrong places! Congrats Adelie, you are such an angel who’d words Are touching people and you fully deserve such recognition; it’s that light in you that is shining 🙂 which will always continue to ❤


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