Once an Olympian, Always an Olympian

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright -B. W. Beacham

Every day, I push the same cart to and from the supermarket. Arthritis and senility poison me slowly, but I’m a champion.

In ’76, I was pushing a bobsled instead of this creaky contraption. We never stood a chance against those Germans, but that didn’t mar our memories.

Old Jamie and Joe (J-squared) passed years back. Now, Paul’s all I’ve got.

Teddy-boy,” his crackly voice bellows from behind. I turn to see him with two power chairs, painted fierce red, like our sled.

You’ve been a brakeman for too long. Time to be a driver!”

I shove that damn cart into the lake.

We’re going riding!

***Thank you SO much for reading my piece for this week’s Friday Fictioneers. Our wonderful leader, Rochelle, has made quite an art of weaving historical references within her stories. After reading them, I’m always entertained and feel a little smarter! I’ve finally found the courage to follow her lead. This week I challenged myself to learn something about a sport I knew nothing of and reference a specific event in history that wasn’t taught in school.This might not be my most creative work, but it was fun and educational. Please take a look at the other wonderful work of my fellow Fictioneers!





53 thoughts on “Once an Olympian, Always an Olympian

    • Yes! When I first wrote the story, it was quite bitter, but I turned it around to have a lighter end because I feel most of my stories are too depressing! I left the initial bitterness there, hoping that a shift in mood would bring greater entertainment. Thanks for reading and sharing!


  1. Dear Adelie,

    Your story and your comments both made me smile. Why push a shopping cart when you can race a power chair? A lot of fun mixed with pathos. Loved the history. 😉




  2. Adelie, Good story in that genre. 🙂 Amusing with a happy ending for the oldsters. Looks like they haven’t forgotten what the winning spirit is all about. Good for them . Well done. 🙂



    • Susan, Thank you so much for the wonderful encouragement and support! I always enjoy the stories where people remain young at heart, so I decided to give it a shot! I can imagine that being an Olympian would be such an amazing experience that sticks with one forever! Your kindness means the world to me! 🙂


  3. Wow!!! Very GOOD! I believed it from word one to the big finish. Vivid, real, super-believeable. Gold Medal time! You killed it, Adelie! One of the best I have read so far.


  4. Adelie! That was pure enjoyment. Great job sweetie! I love the lightness and the joy that emanated from him pushing his cart into the water and taking off on a power machine 🙂 You told a complete story in such few words! Wow!


    • Thank you so much for the amazingly supportive comment, Kathie! 🙂 I’m really glad that my story was able to brighten your day and bring you joy! Your thoughtful and kind words truly warm my heart! 🙂


    • MG!
      Thank you so very much for reading and for the lovely comment! Usually, I stray away from history, but I’m glad I could make it a little entertaining this week!
      With gratitude,


  5. That’s a great story, Adelie. I love those two characters. We care about Teddy-boy right from the first line so we’re cheering loudly for him as he zooms off. Well-written, too.


  6. Wow! With condensed shorts like this, every word must be weighty and count for impact. You’ve done just that. Tight and economical without losing the power. I see vast accelerations in your writing talent with each new piece!


    • The word limit sure has changed my approach to writing. It takes a while to whittle each story down, but it’s also refreshing to discover the most important aspects of your story and quickly connect them. You’re absolutely too kind, Stephanie!


  7. This made me chuckle. My husband’s mom his in a nursing home with people in wheelchairs, walkers, and just sitting. I’ll bet many of them would like to “shove that damn cart into the water”. Thanks for a very fun post.


    • Thank you so much for the wonderful words, and I’m really glad I was able to bring laughter to your day! Maybe next time you visit your mother-in-law, you can persuade some of the fellow residents to get their racing on!


  8. A fun and really well written story this week, and a little bit of authenticity adds something to a story. I loved the little details in this (J squared, especially). It felt a little bit special to me.


    • Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! I really wanted to give it a personal touch to make it more sentimental and less play-by-play. I’m really touched that you enjoyed this!


    • Thank you so much for reading and for the lovely comment, Natti! Technically it’s based on a real person ( I altered the names just to be safe), but I’d like to think that the guys had slightly better luck in their lives after the Olympics. No one’s ever claimed to have been engrossed by my writing. I feel very special now! 🙂 My love to you, Natti!


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