My dog hates taking pictures with me

I’m not one for taking selfies, but my Beagle, Zoe, was being so adorable tonight, that I wanted to get some pics with the little beauty queen. They didn’t quite turn out, but I thought you might find them amusing.

10309895_10203321557182740_1521709073_o 10316925_10203321527421996_1955980712_o 10317006_10203321535742204_1458300517_o 10323585_10203321514061662_1982708042_o


She’s fine taking pictures by herself, but the moment I get in the frame with her, she suddenly has something more important to do.

She couldn’t even fake enjoyment.

God, maybe I shouldn’t have kids!

22 thoughts on “My dog hates taking pictures with me

  1. Aww, Zoe’s adorable!! I feel you on the selfie-with-animals front. My cat is okay with me snapping photos of him (sometimes). But when I decide I want to get in the shot as well, he gives me the most exasperated look.


  2. This is so wonderful… She looks so urgent!! You should totally caption those. I’m sure you have hypothetical conversations with that adorable beagle (at least I think it’s normal to do that…) & I bet some of her commentary is entertaining.


    • You’re too funny! Honestly, I think you’d come up with far more hilarious captions than I could. You truly have a knack for the witty and comical.
      Zoe’s usual expression is guilt, with her floppy ears and droopy eyes, even when she hasn’t done anything wrong. It’s like she’s constantly ashamed of herself, which is both sad and adorable. So, these looks of pure terror really took me by surprise. Her and I do have very fascinating conversations, as you could imagine! πŸ˜€


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