A Crescendo of Cries

Lindsey Stirling

My toes dig into the lush grass as I flee to the top of the hill, where I’m only inches from touching the clouds. Where I could climb through their cottony veil and escape into a world not infected with abuse.

If Only… I dream, as I open my tattered violin case and liberate myself in the only way I know. While my violin is meticulously maintained, my heart is desperate for tuning. These mountains are where I repair my strings as they tighten, tarnish, and threaten to break.

As my bow slides and caresses the strings, I twirl around, turning the trees and mountaintops around me into a mesmerizing blur. Drowning in the dizzying smudge of colors, I surrender to the melody that reverberates within my violin and my body. Though I trip and stumble, I recover with the fluidity of a crumbling ballerina. The sun shatters through the clouds, mending my skin and igniting my tempo. The tears and notes pour from me as they would the clouds above. Woven in the rhythm is the wonder of why I was even born if I’m such a burden.

Here, I don’t fear who’s listening. I crescendo without apologies and give the song inside me the rendition it deserves. No rules or restraints by key or meter. Below this mountain, my movements are precise…cautious. But within this span of solitude, where my only audience and critics are the trees, I dance with abandon as we cry together.

I feel the remaining measures of this sonata falling away from my fingertips. Even the composer can’t slay the demon of time as it strangles my music to death.

For I know if I don’t return home in a few minutes, there will be hands wrapped around my neck as well.


This was my contribution to this Week’s Writing Challenge. The prompt was to write flash fiction under 300 words. After recently adjusting my style to Friday Fictioneers standards (100 word limit), I was relieved to have some wiggle room.

This story was inspired by the absolutely-talented-beyond-words violinist Lindsey Stirling. I’ve been a longtime fan of hers, and I recently watched her music video β€œShatter Me,” featuring Lzzy Hale, and it just captivated me. The emotions behind this piece she wrote stemmed from her struggle with her eating disorder, but for my story, I switched the pain to that stemming from physical abuse. If you haven’t heard any of Lindsey’s music, please take a listen. I highly doubt you’ll regret it. I’m always amazed by her talent, both in her music and dancing, and the energy and authenticity she brings to every piece. If you have a moment, please watch the video below to hear an emotionally raw piece. Warning, the song will probably be stuck in your head for the rest of the day, but that’s not such a bad thing! Thank you so much for reading!

Eternally Grateful,



18 thoughts on “A Crescendo of Cries

    • Thank you so very much for stopping by and giving my piece a read! I tend to venture into the dark and depressing when I write my fiction. Not quite sure what that says about me… Thank you so much for introducing yourself. I look forward to reading your work as well!


  1. I am staggering to write anything. I read your potent piece. I watched the powerful video. I am rather speechless. I’ve dealt with eating disorder junk before and this kind of floored me. Sorry I haven’t much that’s coherent to say. YOU REALLY IMPACTED ME WITH THIS POST.


    • Stephanie, what you were able to write spoke volumes. Sometimes, the fewer the words, the larger the impact. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve struggled with eating disorders. I had a short-term occurrence of bulimia a few years back, but it was more of a manifestation from PTSD. I’m really glad you recovered and bounced back, for I hate to think how dark the world would be if you had withered away. To bounce back from all of that and be a magnificent beacon to all of your readers and loved ones, is truly spectacular! My admiration of you grows every time we exchange words. It’s amazing how some of the deepest struggles can connect us to our life’s purpose. I send my love!


    • Thanks so much for reading and for the thoughtful comment, Sass! I’ve never played violin, so to hear that this was a realistic story, from an actual violin player, is very comforting! I’ve played flute and electric guitar for years, but I guess I’ve never been inspired enough to dance around and play like Lindsey!


  2. I’m so happy you found your inspiration! Lindsey Stirling is amazing, I’m a huge fan.
    You said in response to a comment above that you tend to “venture into the dark and depressing” – well, keep it up! Your description of emotion makes it easy to fall into the story. I could feel her sadness & desperate want for freedom. Fabulous, again. πŸ™‚


    • Yes, Lindsey is very awesome. She’s coming to Detroit next month, quite a hike for me, but I might consider seeing her. She’s supposed to have phenomenal performances, it just comes down to whether my husband wants to watch her dancing around with her violin for a while. He’s not exactly a huge fan. 😦
      Anyway, I appreciate your comment about my description and emotion with the dark stories. Sometimes, I wonder if my moods inspire the stories, or it’s the other way around?! Regardless, reading your wonderfully supportive comments always rescues me from my deepest, darkest moods! Thank you so much! πŸ™‚


      • I’d not miss the chance to see her live! Don’t you remember? That one time…a few years ago…when you did that one thing for your husband, and He said, “I owe ya one…” Time to cash that baby in! πŸ˜‰

        Regarding the feelings and darkness & all that jazz… I would be willing to bet that it is a mixture of both you pulling from your current emotion as well as your emotions being altered while you write. After all – when you write you are hoping to impact someone, what would it say about our writing if we didn’t impact ourselves in the process? πŸ™‚


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