The Promise of Passion


I can’t tell you how excited I am to write the very first post. Today, I sat down, signed up with WordPress, and BAM! This post just popped right out of my head and onto the screen. This is simply the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

Alright, maybe you don’t know me well enough yet to detect my sarcasm, but I’m confident that you will in time. However this time, I’ll give myself away. Being that this is the very first Artfully Aspiring post, I suppose you deserve one freebie. Though, from here on out, you’re on your own.

So here’s what really happened:

After tossing the concept of a blog around in my head for a couple of years, I finally took the leap one week ago. For so long, my mind was full with potential posts, so I was confident that the second I actually started my blog, everything would just flow. Well, that certainly didn’t happen. It’s not that I’m a procrastinator…I just tend to over-think things. When I get excited about something, sometimes I put so much emphasis on it that I totally psych myself out.

Finally on day five of revising this post, I came to the realization that I was hitting so many roadblocks because I was overly concerned with what readers might think.  I wanted to be inspiring, supportive, and help motivate others to pursue their aspirations. Though, I definitely didn’t want to come off as a self-proclaimed genius who expects others to blindly follow my suggestions. Don’t get me wrong, the opinions of my readers are very important to me. However, as with anything in life, when we craft ourselves into what we think will please others, we end up betraying ourselves. I could spend a few more weeks editing this single post in hopes that I might please every single person who happens to read it. Though, that wouldn’t be me. The whole purpose behind Artfully Aspiring is inspiring others to celebrate themselves and whole-heartedly follow their unique passions. If anyone has to embody this purpose, it certainly is me, the creator of this blog. So, from this point forward, I am writing as Adelie, and if my content and style of writing does not appeal to you, I apologize  Nope, actually I don’t! 🙂 As long as we live from our genuine hearts, we should never have to apologize for who we are.

So here’s what it comes down to:

The purpose of this blog is to encourage others to pursue their aspirations for the greater good of not only humankind but all beings in this miraculous universe we live. 

How might I do this?

For several years, I’ve eagerly sought resources to help me achieve my goals, to make sense of life. Some might call me a self-help and motivational material enthusiast!  With each post, I’ll bring forth resources that I feel will be most valuable to you, along with my personal experience. I will give you some challenges (artful adventures) in which to apply these resources (which I truly hope you will accept) so that we can form a mutual support as we pursue our aspirations together.

I want to sincerely express my gratitude that you’ve stopped by and given me the opportunity to introduce myself and my purpose.  I sincerely look forward to cultivating a community for fellow aspirers, where we can learn together as we achieve our dreams.  If, however, you’re not ready to pursue your aspirations at this time, that’s fine too. You know where to find me.


Warm and welcoming wishes,


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